Our IT department, works tirelessly to provide technical support and maintain the company's website, database, and portals. Our Director Operations, is responsible for handling visa processing, issuance of medical letters, file maintenance and degree attestation. All these tasks need to be handled promptly and in a error free manner. This position is held by an ex-Military Colonel who last served as Director Coordination at the Prime Minister's Office. He brings along vast managerial experience coupled with academic qualification i.e an MBA in Human Resource (NUST Business School). NUST is presently rated as the best ranking university of Pakistan.


  • 1.Power of Attorney

    The Power of Attorney is required from the employer appointing us as their Recruiting Agent in Pakistan to carry our emigration formalities, endorsement of visa from the relevant Consulate and seeking clearance from Protector of Emigrants Government of Pakistan. This document should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Chamber of Commerce Embassy of Pakistan from the concerned country.

  • 2. Demand Letter

    A Demand Letter would also be required for the recruitment of required personnel specifying their jobs description, number of personnel to be recruited and Terms & Conditions of employment.

  • 3. Letter to Consulate

    This letter shall be addressed to the respective Consulate, duly attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of the concerned country.

  • 4. Visa Slip

    Visa Slip in original or photocopy or E-Number of visa shall be required.

  • 5. Photocopy of Company Commercial Registration

    (CR/& Identity Card of the Employer for Saudi Arabia only)

  • Resources:

    Our up to date, personnel data bank is fully computerized. Prospective candidates specializing in their respective fields are divided into a number of categories.

  • Highly Skilled:

    Includes doctors, nurses, IT professionals, computer programmers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, accountants, etc.

  • Skilled:

    Consisting of various types of construction workers and machine operators, foremen, computer operators, technicians, secretaries, assistant accountants, etc.

  • Semi Skilled:

    Includes laborers, watchmen etc.

Recruitment of staff is taken care of by the recruitment department; which is being supervised directly by the Managing Director himself. Matching the right people for the right job as per the precise requirements spelled out by our principals is a highly sensitive matter which warrants a lot of diligence. The MD is also responsible for business development, requirements, analysis, interviewing and selection of candidates, while adhering to the highest quality standards. Carry out interview accordingly and select candidates with deliberation and dedication. He is a law graduate and a MBAfrom one of the best universities of Pakistan. Our finance department is responsible for the drafting of payrolls, invoice, banking-direct reports and maintenance. This assists the managers in making key strategic decisions and hence ensuring smooth record keeping and timely recoveries and transactions.