About Us

Tadbeers International is best in class overseas recruitment agency, duly licenced by the Government of Pakistan, with the sole purpose of creating employment opportunities for Pakistanis to work abroad. The primary aim of are organization is to eradicate prevalent socio - economic disparity, due to unemployment, while creating business value for our clients.

Tadbeers International was founded by a team of visionaries to guide the right skilled, knowledgeable and expert human resource to reach the most apt forum and to meet the right job seekers across the globe. We aim to facilitate our clients by providing them with the best Human resource, as per their job description and specification. It is an established fact that the human resource is the most valuable asset for any company, and it should be carefully selected. Tadbeers International is there to assist its worthy clients in taking this most important decision of recruiting the right personnel, meeting the precise needs which aid our clientele to enhance their vision and focus to increase their productivity. Our clients are our utmost priority and we believe in serving them in the best way by helping them generate long term profitability and inherently, an ever lasting bond / relationship with our organization.

Equipped with the latest technology and up-to-date resources the Company is geared up with ingress in best universities of the country and Technical training institutes where training is imparted to invariably all trades. In addition, our organization is equipped with a large data base of all skill sets, top of the line communication systems and expert team of HR consultancy. Most primary amenities available with us include telephonic services, emailing, website and human resource consultancy. Material facilities include conference rooms, chambers for the specific purpose of conducting interviews, video and audio conferencing, company-wide networking and security arrangements. We enhance all the operations and processes in order to eliminate any discrepancies and delays in recruitment process overseas. Upon the clients' request we also offer value-added services like background checks, technical skill assessments and interviewing of the candidates.

Tadbeers International aspires to reach the pinnacle of success and become one of the leading recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Our employment selection division strives to achieve excellence at all fronts and remain consistent source of quality talent from Pakistan.


To be the preferred partner for leading organizations to recruit and train quality human resource with representation in entire GCC, Malaysia, while adhering to the highest standards of the ethics and integrity.


Tadbeers International lives with the mission to excite and unite people with common goals. Our company mission is simple: we want to be the best in South Asia's best in helping our clients achieving unhindered success through top quality human resource. At each step of the relationship with our clients and candidates, we are steadfast at delivering value, advice and an expert point of view. We believe in a systematic and well organized value proposition for our clients, while adhering to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We want to serve our Clientele through a process driven methodology; bound by well laid out rules of business. As an organization we strive to deliver the best because we believe that our customers desire the best and their satisfaction is and shall remain our top priority.

Our Capabilities

We are capable of rendering services as per our Principal’s requirement. Offices almost in all provinces are manned by highly competent and well trained staff, including Engineers and Legal Advisors, to ensure that only the most appropriate Human Resource gets selected meeting the requirement of our worthy clients while ensuring that the rights of both parties are fully protected.

Our Organization is fully geared up to handle necessary recruitment and various trade tests can be conducted at a very short notice.

Our partnership with National Vocational & Technical Training Commission of Pakistan (www.navttc.org) gives a unique ability to assess, select, and train the best human resource at one of the best in class technical training institutes in the country. This allows us to deliver quality skilled labor in the shortest time.

Our values

Placing our clients first – we don't do business, we build a quality relationship with our clients.
1.Providing professional excellence.
2.Responding with thorough and reliable service – flexible timing.
3.Building, sustaining and strengthening of business relationships and partnerships.
4.Giving personal attention – recognizing individual goals and objectives.
5.Integrating the human element.